Our Curriculum

Our integrated Guided Inquiry curriculum encourages our staff to interact with the children and their interests in a way that will stimulate each child to be a creative thinker, and to also challenge the children to consolidate or extend their skills, attitudes and knowledge. We believe that children should be encouraged to learn new skills and to practise their developing skills in an environment which supports their efforts. At Islander Preschool we also integrate character development into every aspect of school life. Values such as fairness, respect, and kindness are integrated within everyday experiences in and out of the classroom. Our guided Inquiry curriculum focuses on the whole child with an emphasis across all the learning areas: literacy, mathematics, science, and creative arts. Our curriculum is based on:

  • Early Years Development Framework by the Early Childhood Development Agency (EYDF)
  • Nurturing Early Learners: A Curriculum Framework in Singapore (NEL Framework) – (A Curriculum Framework for Kindergartens by the Ministry of Education [MOE]) and
  • EtonHouse Curriculum Framework (EH)