Our Programme

Islander Pre-School is a spacious and modern campus located on Sentosa Island, tucked away in a serene environment amidst lush greenery overseeing the Sentosa Golf course. The pre-school offers an inquiry-based programme for children from 20 months to 6 years old and adopts a quality assurance framework based on policies and procedures derived from international best practice.


The inquiry-based curriculum is carefully planned to meet the needs of children, taking into consideration their age, interests and developmental levels. Within the daily schedule, children will enjoy countless planned and spontaneous educational experiences, and they will be encouraged to learn through play, both outdoors and indoors. They will engage in hands-on learning activities and work in small groups, allowing teachers to provide individualized attention to support their learning and growth


To help the children develop a strong bilingual foundation, equal emphasis will be placed on both English and Mandarin. Consistent daily exposure to Mandarin will ensure that children pick up the language naturally and spontaneously.


The campus is intentionally set up with children’s holistic development in mind. The rooms are arranged according to various activity areas, including blocks, dramatic play, art, science, and literacy.


Islander Pre-School offers a quality childcare programme that recognizes the importance of parental involvement. Parents will be kept updated about their child’s progress through emails, newsletters and personalized portfolios (which contain the child’s work and teachers’ observations about the child’s ideas and growth). The parent-teacher conference happens every six months, but parents are welcome to arrange meet-ups with the teachers when needed. We strongly believe in ongoing collaboration to facilitate the continuity of experiences for the child, which will enhance the potential of meeting a child’s needs.